A Chicago Staple

Founded in 1970, She-nannigans was the first bar in Chicago to employ all female bartenders at a time it was considered illegal—hence the “She” in She-nannigans. It all began at a time when a decades-old ordinance — informally known as the “Barmaids Ordinance” — made it illegal for any woman who was not related to a bar’s owner from tending bar. In a modest act of civil disobedience, She-nannigans began to employ some of the airline stewardesses who lived in the neighborhood to tend bar on their days off. Arrests were made, tempers flared and in 1974, a suit was filed against Mayor Daley, et al.; the case went to U.S. District Court and judges concluded that the ordinance violated the Constitution.

She-nannigans was the first bar on Division Street to build a stage for live music. We haven’t strayed too far from our roots, using our stage for planned acts and dancing. Sing and dance when the spirit moves you to do so – we have karaoke every Thursday beginning at 8pm!

Something for Everyone

Today, She-nannigans offers something for everyone. With all things sports that She-nannigans has to offer, it is easy to think this lively bar is only for fans looking to watch the game. Don’t let our sports bar attributes fool you – we have something for all our guests to enjoy. Break the ice with any of our games – darts, pong, basketball, punching machine, or Jenga. Wash down your popcorn with any of our cocktails. Throw back a shot of tequila during one of our busy, and well-loved, events.

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